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Butchers Fridge

At Butchers Fridge, there are three things we value the most – Promoting Good Quality Food, Encouraging Healthy Eating, Looking After Animals, and by extension, the Planet. Sustainable animal husbandry is the only way forward, and we pride ourselves on sourcing all our meat from farms that produce quality livestock in an environmentally-sensitive way.

Our animals are lovingly grown and cared for on traditional farms, so you can enjoy ethically sourced meat of the highest quality and taste. All slaughtering and dressing are undertaken compassionately and humanely by fully trained and licensed staff.

Sustainability Pledge

Butchers Fridge is committed to promoting sustainable animal farming and by extension, ensuring better protection of the environment as a whole. And we do so by producing climate-friendly food from naturally reared animals that are grown with minimal chemical intervention on local British farms. We only use grass-fed animals for all our meat, thereby ensuring that all the meat from Butchers Fridge is ethically produced, devoid of chemicals that may harm the environment and people’s health, and full of nutrients and substances that are beneficial to our customers.

Why we choose grazing animals for our meat

Grazing animals have an upper hand over other kinds of commercially reared animals and play a crucial role in enhancing nature-friendly farming systems. There are very strong and ethical reasons why we choose grazing (grass-fed) animals, some of which include:

They help recycle nutrients on the farm by grazing and spreading their (organic) manure and reducing the need for chemical fertilisers that can otherwise harm the environment.

Organic soils that are grazed upon by grass-fed animals contain more carbon than non-organic soil. This makes it much more environment-friendly and essential for countering the effects of intensive farming.

Grass-fed animals are allowed to roam freely and lead a stress-free life, which makes their meat particularly tasty and rich in nutrients, naturally.

At Butchers Fridge, we believe eating quality, sustainable meat is the best way to ensure our environment is conserved. Instead of consuming meat that is mass-produced from animals that are reared using artificial components and chemicals, we need to ensure that our meat comes from authentic British farms that follow traditional, ethical, and organic animal farming methods. By buying from Butchers Fridge, people can rest assured that their meat has come from sustainable British farms that genuinely care about the animals and the environment.

Contrary to popular belief, evidence from years of practical farming suggests that systems that focus on cattle or sheep can remain highly productive, repair degraded soils, and avoid the emissions associated with the manufacture of nitrogen fertiliser. This proves the significance of grass-fed animals in helping to conserve the environment. At Butchers Fridge, our mission is to help people understand the value of sustainable animal farming and using only traditionally-reared animals for all our meat products, in the conservation of the planet, animal welfare, and health and wellbeing.

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