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Higher Welfare Pork Belly – Bone In


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Are you looking for a cut of pork that delivers on flavour and promises to enhance your meals? Don’t look further than Butchers Fridge’s higher welfare pork belly. We are one of the leading online butchers in the UK, guaranteeing affordable prices without compromising the quality of meat.

It is the entire belly of the pig, containing the ribs, skin, and fat. It is extremely succulent and juicy, making it a versatile option for multiple dishes. You can slow-cook the entire pork belly as a roast to enjoy the full range of its flavours. Or you can cut into strips, make bacon, and sear it on the pan. The delicious crackling of the pork belly makes your mouth water, and a crispy, flavourful bite will delight your taste buds. Butchers Fridge offers fresh bone in pork belly of the highest quality to ensure that you enjoy delicious meals each time.

It goes perfectly with our apple sauce.

A versatile cut for endless possibilities

You don’t need to think twice to buy pork belly online from Butchers Fridge because pork belly is truly the hero of the roasting world. This cut perfectly balances meat and fat, ensuring a succulent and juicy experience in every bite. Given below are some ideas to transform this versatile cut into a masterpiece for your next dinner party or Sunday meal:

  • The classic roast - You can buy pork belly online and roast the entire meat with aromatic herbs and spices. The crispy, crackling skin and the melt-in-the-mouth meat will leave you wanting more.
  • Enjoy Asian-inspired culinary delights - In many Asian countries, pork belly is a staple. You can slice the meat thinly for stir-fries or use it to add a rich flavour to ramen bowls. You can also braise it in flavourful broths for a toothsome Asian-inspired dish.
  • Finger-licking belly burnt ends - You can cut the pork belly into cubes and then marinate them in BBQ sauce. Then, slow cook them to perfection to enjoy the flavoursome burnt ends.

Buy pork belly online from Butchers Fridge, today!

Butchers Fridge specialises in delivering fresh meat online to your doorstep. So, buy pork belly online from us and choose any one of our delivery options. We will ensure your meat arrives fresh so you can readily cook it and enjoy a sumptuous meal with your loved ones.


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