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Higher Welfare Chicken Leg


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The top portion of the chicken leg connected to the knee joint is the thigh, and the bottom section below the knee joint is the drumstick. Butchers Fridge chicken legs are high in proteins, have a considerably high amount of fat, and are relatively moist. Since they have an in bone, the flavours inside the bone blend well with the meat and make it more flavourful, tender, and scrummy. As chicken legs are all-purpose and versatile, they can be grilled, fried, roasted, pan-seared or barbecued. You can even cook it slowly in a pressure cooker for curries, stews, and casseroles. Butchers Fridge provides premium quality chicken legs that can be ordered online, delivered to your home, and used to cook a range of dishes.


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At Butchers Fridge, there are three things we value the most – Promoting Good Quality Food, Encouraging Healthy Eating, Looking After Animals, and by extension, the Planet. Sustainable animal husbandry is the only way forward, and we pride ourselves on sourcing all our meat from farms that produce quality livestock in an environmentally-sensitive way.

Our animals are lovingly grown and cared for on traditional farms, so you can enjoy ethically sourced meat of the highest quality and taste. All slaughtering and dressing are undertaken compassionately and humanely by fully trained and licensed staff.

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