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Grass Fed Beef Rib Eye Steak

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2 x 250g

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Indulge in a truly extraordinary steak experience with our grass fed beef rib eye steak, available online at Butchers Fridge. You can order our fresh meat online and be assured of its exceptional taste because our steak delivers unmatched flavour and a naturally leaner profile. We are the online butchers in the UK you can trust to fulfil your steak cravings!

Taken from the fore rib, this meat offers a succulent flavour and tenderness uncommon in other leaner steak cuts. To create a particularly sweet and delicate taste and achieve a distinctive, enhanced flavour throughout, we hang our rib eye beef on the bone for more than 28 days. Every bite of the rib eye steak from Butchers Fridge is exquisite because it is enriched by the marbling of natural fat that ensures that the meat is perfectly caramelised when cooked. Simply order online from Butchers Fridge and get our delectable rib-eye steak delivered within no time.

Rib eye steak is the pinnacle of steak

The rib eye steak is hailed as the king of steaks, prized for its exceptional tenderness and rich marbling, along with a rich beefy taste. We elevate this cut further with our grass-fed approach. Raised on lush green pastures, we offer fresh meat online that is richer in flavour and ethically sourced. Also, our steak is naturally lower in saturated fat and higher in omega-3 fatty acids.

Order our rib eye steak and indulge in sumptuous culinary adventures

Rib eye steak is a highly versatile cut that allows you to explore different flavour profiles and cooking methods. Here are some tips to help unleash your inner chef and wow your loved ones:

  • The classic seared steak - Searing steak to perfection is a classic steakhouse experience. Ensure it is medium-rare for a succulent bite, and enhance the flavour with a rich peppercorn sauce or a simple herb butter.
  • Grill it to perfection - Fire up the grill and throw some rib eye steak for the ultimate party starter.

You are free to experiment with cooking methods to bring out the best flavour of your steak and have a memorable meal. Don’t forget to saute some veggies and mash for the ultimate steak dinner!

We deliver uncompromised quality at the best price

Our rib eye steak price is £20.00 for a pack of 2 X 250g. We always ensure that the meat arrives fresh and ready to cook. You can order for fresh meat online at Butchers Fridge to experience the difference.

Would you like more steaks? Check out our Steak Boxes. Don’t forget your favourite steak sauce!

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Pack Size

2 x 250g

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  1. fisdavid0

    This was so tasty and tender it quite literally melted in my mouth, I will most certainly be ordering this again.

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