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Butchers Fridge

Butchers fridge leads the way with eco-friendly packaging

Butchers Fridge is one of the few butchers who has pledged to sustainability and preservation of the environment. Apart from sourcing all our meat from sustainable farms that promote and practice traditional animal farming, we also invest in specialised eco-friendly packaging for our meat delivery to reduce the use of plastic. As part of the efforts, we are testing new ways to supply all our fresh, cut-to-order meat more sustainably. It is one of our key focus to ensure that the packaging we supply can be recycled, reused, or returned.

Woolcool® – eco-friendly packaging

Butchers Fridge uses a special kind of eco-friendly packaging material called Woolcool for all our meat deliveries. It is made from felted sheep’s wool which is washed, scoured then sealed within recyclable polyethene wrap. Using wool packaging is a fantastic way of reducing waste as wool is a by-product of the sheep industry. The wool liner can be reused, disposed of, or composted, with the wool releasing valuable nutrients back into the soil.

Environmentally friendly packaging we use at Butchers Fridge:

Cardboard Boxes – We use FSC certified, sustainably sourced, 100% biodegradable and recyclable cardboard boxes to send your order.

Ice Cells – We use the strongest, purest, cleanest, and safest ice packs. They are made using a unique gel formula that keeps them frozen for much longer using an FSA & FDA-approved non-toxic polymer that is completely food safe. The gel is mixed using highly purified water that has been through a 6 stage filtration process and UV sterilisation. You can store them in the freezer as they are perfect for keeping things cold when you have a picnic or a BBQ.

Vacuum Bags – We are continually testing new materials and hope to use recyclable vacuum bags across our range shortly.

Ice Packs – The liquid from the water ice packs contains 100% pure water, so they can be safely poured down the drain and the plastic elements are LDPE Recyclable 4, widely recycled. We recommend reusing the ice packs before throwing them away or potentially donating to non-profit organisations such as local food banks or charities for example.

Trays – The trays we use are widely recyclable and are made using 100% recycled material. Simply wash them after use and pop them in your recycling bin.

Jar icon via Jars – All our jars are suitable for recycling or reusing around the home. They are always wrapped in a protective bubble wrap for protection during transport.

How you’ll receive your order

All of our meat is cut fresh and packed to order at our shop in Newport Pagnell. To maintain a food-safe chilled temperature, we pack your meat boxes with our special eco-friendly ice packs. We vacuum pack almost everything we supply to keep the dry-aged meat perfect and ensure maximum shelf life for the product. This allows you to use just what you need and leave the rest for another day. It’s also great for allowing you to freeze a specific cut for later on.

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