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Steak Sauces

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  • Verstegen Pepper Sauce

    An exquisite and mildly spiced pepper sauce.

  • Verstegen Smokey BBQ Sauce

    A sweet, smoky, lightly spiced family favourite.

  • Verstegen Honey And Mustard Sauce

    A delightfully sweet, refreshing sauce containing the very finest mustard seeds and pure honey.

  • Verstegen Mushroom Sauce

    A delightfully creamy Mushroom Sauce, containing the finest mushrooms.

  • Verstegen Steak Diane Sauce

    A classic sauce to add to any dish. Perfect with a lovely piece of steak.

  • Verstegen Stilton Sauce

    A wonderfully creamy sauce gives any meal a great taste of rich stilton.

  • Verstegen Bearnaise Sauce

    A tangy sauce with the strong flavour of tarragon. Deliciously rich sauce for all meat and fish dishes

  • Verstegen Sweet Chilli Sauce

    An addictively delicious sweet chilli sauce, containing only the finest chilli flakes, paprika and onion.

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