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  • Taylors Original English Mustard

    The first prepared English Mustard.  It is a hot but smooth taste.  

  • Mrs Darlington’s Mint Sauce

    There’s nothing quite like the distinctive bouquet and flavour of mint sauce to get you thinking of a Sunday roast leg of lamb.

  • Mrs Darlington’s Mint Jelly

    A lighter flavour than the more traditional mint sauce but just as fresh tasting.

  • Mrs Darlington’s Creamed Horseradish Sauce

    Creamy, smooth and with just a hint of that famous horseradish fire.

  • Mrs Darlington’s Hot Horseradish Sauce

    If you like the full on hit of horseradish, then look no further than Mrs Darlington’s hot horseradish sauce.

  • Mrs Darlington’s Bramley Apple Sauce

    Mrs Darlington only uses the best Bramleys from Kent. Delicious with roast pork, pork pie, and pork sausages.

  • A jar of apple and mint jelly

    Mrs Darlington’s Apple And Mint Jelly

  • A jar of cranberry sauce

    Mrs Darlington’s Cranberry Sauce

    If you think that Cranberry Sauce is only served with turkey, think again! Mrs Darlington’s recipe makes this delicious, little red berry-based sauce perfect with all types of poultry: chicken, goose or duck.

  • A jar of red cabbage

    Mrs Darlington’s Red Cabbage

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