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Lamb can be a tricky ingredient to add to your recipe. However, if you’ve chosen the best lamb cut, it can enhance the dish and make it rich and delicious with little effort. The great thing about lamb is that there are many different cuts to choose from, which gives you the flexibility to experiment with your recipes. Regardless of the lamb cut you choose, the only thing to ensure is to buy lamb from a sustainable butcher like Butchers Fridge, so you know the meat comes from a happy, farm-bred animal without any chemicals or antibiotics. Here’s a guide to choosing the right lamb cut for your meals.

  • Leg

If you’re looking for a good, strong, meaty flavour, the leg of the lamb is a great option. It is a lean muscle that works hard and has a rich taste and texture, making it ideal for roasting, whole on the bone, or boned. It is the perfect dark meat for barbecues and gives a distinctive smoky flavour that is loved by all.

  • Shoulder

Another cut taken from the lean muscle extensively used by the animal during movements, the lamb shoulder is perfect for stewing and slow-roasting. Once it’s tender, it imparts a nice, strong meaty flavour to the dish and a melt-in-the-mouth texture. It’s best cooked on the bone and is the ideal choice for a big Sunday roast for the whole family. 

  • Loin

Loin chops are taken from the waist of the lamb and are the preferred choice for grilling and barbecuing. These mini T-bone steaks are irresistibly tender and cook fairly quickly, making them ideal for a variety of dishes and cuisines, including curries, Mediterranean dishes, and Moroccan delicacies. 

  • Rack

Taken from the rib of the animal, the rack of lamb are a fan favourite and one of the most expensive lamb cuts of all. It is a versatile meat cut that can be used as chops to make delicious lamb cutlets or cooked as a whole to prepare a crown roast or Frenched rack. Whether you serve it as delicious lollipops as a starter meal or make a whole meal out of it with spicy vegetables on the side, the rack of lamb is sure to look good on the plate and taste incredible. 

  • Shank

If you’re looking for a cheaper, more versatile lamb cut, then lamb shank is the best one to choose. It is taken from the lower part of the back leg and is perfect for slow-cooking. The meat takes time to soften, but once tender, it imparts a delicious, melt-in-the-mouth flavour that can enhance any dish. Whether it is roasting with vegetables or making something more exotic like Moroccan Tagine, lamb shanks are the perfect meat cut for a variety of recipes.

  • Neck

Another relatively cheap but delicious cut, the neck of the lamb can be cooked in many different ways to create delectable dishes of all kinds. Whether it is for slow cooking or cooking quickly over a high flame like a steak, lamb neck is your go-to choice of meat for south Asian dishes like kebabs, curries, and stews. 

  • Rump

Fairly tricky to cook, the rump is taken from the back of the lamb and is lean, tender, and full of flavour. It does not take long to overcook and become dry and tough, so it needs to be monitored constantly while on the heat. Lamb rump can be cooked in a variety of ways including pan-frying, grilling on the bone, or oven-cooking, and can be trusted to taste juicy and delectable each way. 

Now that you know which lamb cut is most suitable for different cooking styles, head over to our lamb cuts section and pick your favourite to make a lip-smacking recipe of your choice. Butchers Fridge offers the best, sustainable meat for all your culinary requirements and delivers nationwide. 

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