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Once upon a time, it was impossible to imagine a Christmas feast without a roasted turkey. But now, this tradition is being ditched by many in favour of other meat alternatives that are just as tasty, yet easier to cook and more readily available than turkey. And as Britain braces for a possible turkey shortage this year, there is no better time than now to start a new tradition and try something unconventional this Christmas. So if you, like many others, are planning to skip the turkey and try something different for this Christmas dinner, here’s what you should go for and why.

Roasting Joints

Roasting joints have become Christmas favourites for the last two years. Rather than eating out or being part of a large gathering, many people are choosing to celebrate Christmas with just their family members and thus, require smaller meat portions for their family dinner. A lamb, pork or beef roasting joint is a better alternative to turkey in Christmas dinners. Depending on your requirements and preference for leftovers the next day, you can choose a sirloin joint, whole ribeye joint, lamb shanks, or pork tenderloin. Regardless of which roasting joint you choose, your family is guaranteed a lip-smacking Christmas dinner that tastes as good as, if not more delicious than turkey joint. Butchers Fridge are expert in providing the highest quality and juiciest roasting joints, ideal for any Christmas meal.


A perfectly seared steak is all you need to make your Christmas dinner special. Whether it’s ribeye steak, sirloin steak, lamb loin chops, or pork ribs, your Christmas dinner is guaranteed to have unmatched flavour and texture, regardless of which steak you choose. One of the best things about choosing a steak for Christmas is its versatility. You can prepare the same or different accompaniments that you do every year, and they will still taste great with your steak dinner.

Exciting Recipes

Ever since the demand for turkey has diminished during the festive season, chefs and food enthusiasts have come up with exciting recipes involving roasting joints and steaks. Herb-crusted filet mignon, classic Sunday roasts, citrus sesame roast, and glazed roast beef are some of the ways of preparing steak or roasting joint dinner for Christmas. Even if you are in the mood to experiment, a roasting joint or steak are the perfect ingredients to try – no matter the recipe, your Christmas dinner is bound to be a sure-fire hit.

Wondering where to get the best roasting joints and steaks?

Butchers Fridge are expert in providing the highest quality and juiciest roasting joints and steaks, ideal for any Christmas meal. Check out our website to learn more about our products and place your order well in advance of the festive season, to have your meat delivered on time for the celebrations. Choose from a variety of meats, cut to perfection to give you delicious and distinct flavours that will enhance all your meals. Place your order or for any other queries call us on 01908 714 526.

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