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  • Grass Fed Calssic Beef Burger

    Our classic beef burgers are the perfect blend of juicy goodness and crispy texture when cooked.

  • Grass Fed Lamb Loin Chops

    Lamb loin chop is portioned from the back area of the lamb, between the leg and the rack.

  • Barnsley Chops

    Grass Fed Lamb Double Loin Chops

    Double loin lamb chops are thick, succulent and lean, with a deliciously sweet note.

  • Sale! Minted Barnsley Chops

    Grass Fed Lamb Minted Double Loin Chops

    Butchers Fridge offers minted lamb chops that are perfectly cut, trimmed and then marinated with a fresh mint glaze that adds to the favour.

  • Grass Fed Boneless Lamb Rump Steaks

    The lamb rump is an individual muscle piece cut from the hind leg of the lamb where the top of the loin meets the leg.

  • Higher Welfare Boneless Pork Chops

    Our delicious and juicy boneless pork chops are cut from the pork loin.

  • Higher Welfare Pork Shoulder Steaks

    Pork shoulder steaks are sourced from the shoulder section of the pork, also known as pork blade steak.

  • Higher Welfare Chicken Drumsticks

    Chicken drumsticks are part of the chicken leg, cut from the calf section of the leg connected to the thigh.

  • Higher Welfare Chicken Thighs On Bone

    Chicken thighs on bone are the upper section of the chicken leg connected to the body.

  • Sale! Pork Chops With Bone

    Higher Welfare Pork T-Bone Steak

    Pork chops are sourced from the loin portion of the animal and are generally of a thick cut, making the meat tender and juicy.

  • Higher Welfare Pork Ribs

    Pork ribs are sourced from the ribcage of the pig, and contain a mix of bones and meat pieces.

  • Plain Pork Sausages

    Packed full of protein, plain sausages make for traditional, tasty, and healthy meals.

  • Sale!

    Cumberland Pork Sausages

    Enjoy the intense and delicious flavours of the ultimate Cumberland pork sausages.

  • Italian Farmhouse Pork Sausages

    Authentic  Italian Farmhouse pork sausage with herbs & spices.

  • Grass Fed Beef Rump Steak

    Our delicately prepared and adequately dry-aged British rump steaks are dense and rich in taste with a balanced savouriness.

  • Grass Fed Beef Sirloin Steak

    Our tender sirloin steaks are a complete treat for your taste buds, thanks to their distinctive flavours and texture.

  • Grass Fed Beef Rib Eye Steak

    The ideal meat for a roast, our adequately dry-aged beef rib-eye steak is naturally lean, juicy, and delicious.

  • Grass Fed Beef Aged Fillet Steak

    The king of all steaks, our buttered, soft, and lean beef fillet steak is just what you need for a lip-smacking grilled or barbeque meal.

  • Sale!

    Dozen Steaks Box

    The dozen steaks box is packed with 12 steaks. Rib-eye, sirloin and rump steaks. 4 of each.

  • Sale!

    Small BBQ Party Box

    Perfect BBQ meat bundle for a small gathering.

  • Sale!

    Big BBQ Party Box

    The ultimate BBQ Party box for carnivores is here! Packed with the finest quality cuts of meat.

  • Grass Fed Beef Classic Quarter Pounder

    Our classic quarter pounders are the perfect blend of juicy goodness and crispy texture when cooked.

  • marinated boneless pork chops in buffalo marinade, marinated chicken fillets in coffee and black pepper marinade, marinted chicken thighs in black garlic marinade

    Marinated Meats Box

    Try something different with this new marinades!

  • Sale! 4 different types of sausages, 6 of each on a chopping board. The sausages are Hungarian, Italian, Iron-Bridge, Old Time Bangers

    Taster Sausage Box

    Taster box for gourmets.

  • 1 piece of cote de boeuf on dark brown cutting board surrounded with chillies, garlic and tomatoes

    Grass Fed Cote De Boeuf

    Our grass-fed cote de boeuf comes with the bone in.

  • a thick cut rib-eye steak on dark brown wooden block with chillies, garlic and tomatoes

    Grass Fed Beef Thick Cut Rib Eye Steak

    A well-prepared ribeye steak is tender, juicy, and packed with flavour.

  • a thick cut sirloin steak on dark brown wooden block with chillies, garlic and tomatoes

    Grass Fed Beef Thick Cut Sirloin Steak

    A thick cut sirloin steak is a juicy and tender cut of beef that is a favourite of many meat lovers.

  • 4 lamb cutlets on dark brown wooden block surrounded with chillies, garlic and tomatoes

    Grass Fed Lamb Cutlets

    Lamb cutlets are sliced French Trimmed Rack of Lamb.

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